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Saturday, June 5, 2010

La Duree in Paris

When my mom used to go to Paris, she always brought a treat home from La Duree, the famous French bakery/patisserie, founded in 1862. I loved the pretty boxes of those treats, and they would always end up being a decoration in our home. When I went to Paris last week, the one and only spot I wanted to go was La Duree. I fell in love with the selection of deserts when I first entered the patisserie located in Champs Elysees. The takeout line in front of the deset selection looked never ending. I wanted the real La Duree experience, so no need for take out. I was there for a reason: Tea Time. The waiter showed our table on the second floor, where it is decorated with very classic French taste and elegance. The painted ceiling and embellished curtains reflected 19th century with perfection. When I was staring at the paintings on the ceiling, the waiter had prepared our table already, with silver teapots for each and light pink and green tea cups. My order " Rose Fondant cake" came in a lavender plate, making a perfect match with the cake. It looked so good that I didn't want to destroy it by eating. But, I couldn't resist and had my first bite after staring at it for 5 minutes. It felt like a melody of flavors. Rose petals and raspberry hidden in a cream covered with fresh light dough and rosy glaze. Wow! Finished in 5 seconds. Then came macaroons. The specialty of La Duree. I picked rose, chocolate and vanilla flavor. The best one was vanilla. Chocolate one was a little heavy for me, but just perfect for chocolate lovers. Then, a sip of earl grey tea, Voila!

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